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The Biotech City is based on a unique partnership where local companies, educational institutions and public organizations collaborate to support and strengthen Kalundborg’s industry, educational opportunities and the green agenda.

By 2030 the vision for the Biotech City is to be:

  • A leading international cluster for education, research and innovation within biotechnology and process industry
  • An international cluster for Industry 4.0 with a startup environment and an optimal infrastructure
  • Continuously supporting the industrial symbiosis to accelerate the companies’ green transition through circular production


The Biotech City is unique. Not because of individual people, individual institutions or individual companies. It is unique because of the community. A community based on collaboration, mutual trust and strong partnerships – between companies, educational institutions and the municipality. We call it “the Kalundborg model”.

The Kalundborg model permeates the food chain from primary and secondary schools to vocational and higher educations and further into the industry. The Kalundborg model is deeply rooted in the Biotech City DNA, and it has for example formed the basis of the city’s world-famous Symbiosis.

The collaboration across the Biotech City not only creates optimal conditions for the utilization of synergies and common interests among Kalundborg’s companies; it also forms the basis of the growing educational environment deeply rooted in the industry. The educational opportunities you find in the Biotech City do not stem from sole theory books or flighty ideas, but from the companies’ demand for skilled labour and world-class competencies.

The Biotech City has room for growing talents, unique qualifications and innovative ideas. It has room for you. And it has a world of opportunities.

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