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Virtual Biosolutions Education Day

Virtual Biosolutions Day

Together with the association Knowledge Hub Zealand, Roskilde University and University College Absalon organized Virtual Biosolutions Education Day to attract both Danish and international students to study biosolutions in Denmark.

Watch the full webinar below.

For the first time, two higher education institutions have come together to recruit for their biosolutions programs in a shared webinar. Why, you might ask? Because we need more engineers. Because we need more bright minds within the field of biosolutions. And because we need these minds to study in Denmark and support us in continuously developing the Danish biosolutions growth adventure. 

Study Biosolutions in Denmark

In Denmark, and Kalundborg, we offer some of the best study programs within natural sciences and engineering.

18th of February, the first of its kind Virtual Biosolutions Education Day was held to
 open high school students’ eyes to the exciting degree programs offered by Roskilde University and University College Absalon within the biosolutions field. 

Participants from 20 different countries participated to learn more and potentially apply for one of the programs.

5 programs were presented during the event:

🟢 Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology
🟢 International Bachelor of Natural Sciences
🟢 MSc in Environmental Science
🟢 MSc in Mathematical Bioscience
🟢 MSc in Physics and Scientific Modelling.

Not only do the Danish universities and colleges offer exciting study programs. The outlook on the students’ following career opportunities is worth considering.

In the Biotech City there is a unique collaboration between the educational institutions and the city’s industry in terms of internships, project collaborations, guest teachers, and student jobs e.g. The students continuously get contacts within the industry, and early on, they look into career paths with some of the best and biggest biosolutions companies in the world.

The need for (international) talent

Our industry needs more talent.

Kalundborg’s industrial development flourishes. Existing productions expand and new companies join our community. This growth adventure demands qualified labor – both from Denmark and internationally:

“It’s absolutely necessary to look outside Denmark to recruit international talent, because the more diversity we have in the workforce, the more opportunities we have. Like with the Symbiosis, different companies provide different opportunities, and the more opportunities we have, the more we can be key drivers of circular economy and green growth.“

Lisbeth Randers, Head of Secretariat, Kalundborg Symbiosis.


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