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Join the first ever Sustainable Biosolutions Symposium

When? 3 November 2022           Where? Saltoftehus, Saltoftevej 7, 4470 Svebølle


Knowledge Hub Zealand, Danish Life Science Cluster, Greater Copenhagen, the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), and Copenhagen University (KU) are hosting the first of its kind Sustainable Biosolutions Symposium – economically funded by Erhvervshus Sjælland.


Read more about the Sustainable Biosolutions Symposium and sign up for free:


Bridge-building in Biotekbyen

“Biosolutions is fast becoming a key area of strength and of growth for the Danish economy. Region Zealand, with Biotech City Kalundborg as the epicenter, is on the way to becoming the leading European hub for sustainable, industrial biosolutions. This conference will be the first of many to explore the science and the business ecosystems around biosolutions and food innovation.” Dr. Christian Beenfeldt, Project Director, Knowledge Hub Zealand.


Since Knowledge Hub Zealand‘s foundation in 2016, the association has through various partnerships been working to make Kalundborg a biotech city and an important location for education within the sector. Sustainable Biosolutions Symposium is created to support and further develop that journey.


The purpose of the groundbreaking symposium is to build a bridge between stakeholders working in start-ups, SMEs, and academia to discuss opportunities, barriers, current state-of-the-art technologies, knowledge gaps, and identify research needed to accelerate advancements in sustainable biosolutions.


“Bringing together theory and practice in one room is a unique and disruptive way to look at the future of biosolutions and also an opportunity to in fact sustain the future of biosolutions.” Dr. Seyed Soheil Mansouri, Associate Professor, DTU.


And there is a need to include perspectives from both worlds to adapt the new technologies into industry and not least to accelerate the progress within sustainable biosolutions:


”We need new solutions for Future Foods. Biosolutions can provide a sustainable growth and Kalundborg can act as a hub to develop, mature, and apply new concepts.” Dr. Serafim Bakalis, Professor, KU Food.


Read more about the Sustainable Biosolutions Symposium and sign up for free:

The Sustainable Biosolutions Symposium is in English. Because we want to prepare the participants to up-scale and expand their biosolutions vision which requires reaching beyond Danish borders and working with international researchers and funding options.


”Biosolutions” in Biotekbyen

”Biosolutions” is an area in which Region Zealand and especially Biotekbyen – the Biotech City excels. With Scandinavia’s largest biotech and process industry and the world’s leading industrial symbiosis, Kalundborg is a biotechnological powerhouse. And many work hard to maintain and not least develop that position:


”Our work will continue focusing on strengthening biosolutions in Region Zealand. In the following years, we will focus on establishing scale-up facilities for the benefit of bio solutions companies and start-ups from all over the world.” Christian Beenfeldt, Projektchef i Knowledge Hub Zealand.


What is biosolutions?

The term “biosolutions” covers development and production of innovative climate and environmental solutions. The biosolutions sector primarily consists of companies operating within pharma, food, technology, and agriculture. Working with biosolutions is essential to solve those climate and environmental challenges the world faces.


With its large concentration of biosolutions and technological companies in Zealand, esepecially in Kalundborg, Denmark already has a position of strength within the area concerning both research, innovation, and production.

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