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Join us for a Thursday Tech Talk at Helix Lab!

Thursday Tech Talks take place at Helix Lab in the stairway/hall auditorium.

Industry 4.0. Bioprocessing. Sustainability.

These are terms widely used around the Biotech City as Scandinavia’s largest biomanufacturing cluster. In addition, they serve as the themes of the Thursday Tech Talks, where field experts are invited to share and update everyone interested on the newest knowledge within these areas.

Whether you want to learn more, discuss the subject matter in depth, or network with likeminded, you are invited!

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New knowledge for everyone

The purpose of the Tech Talks is to present and discuss the newest knowledge within industry 4.0, bioprocessing, and sustainability.

The Talks are open to anyone with an interest in the fields – whether you are a specialist, student, researcher, manager, or employee.

Common for all the participants is that they share an interest in industry 4.0, bioprocessing, and/or sustainability, which the Tech Talks provide an opportunity to learn more about, discuss, and create networks around.

In the Biotech City we learn from and support each other, which is one of the reasons why our academic community is rapidly growing. The Thursday Tech Talks is just one of the many ways we build strong connections between academia and industry and strengthen the scientific community in Kalundborg.


Local experts

The Tech Talks present the newest knowledge within industry 4.0, bioprocessing, and sustainability. Knowledge that often comes from local sources within the Biotech City such as the local association and partnership, Knowledge Hub Zealand.

The Talks have already offered insights into biotechnological plastic recycling and the future opportunities of quantum computing. This Thursday the subject is: “Digitalizing particle processes in bio processing industries – sensing technology, multiscale modeling, and digital twins.”

Together with PhD and Process Systems Engineer at ParticleTech, Rasmus Fjordbak Nielsen, Nima Nazemzadeh, Project Manager at Knowledge Hub Zealand will introduce this complex and very interesting subject. This will be the second time a Tech Talk includes an expert from Knowledge Hub Zealand, who works to support the biotech development journey in Northwest Zealand and the Biotech City.


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When: Thursday 17 November, 3-5 pm

Where: Helix Lab Kalundborg, Campus Kalundborg 3, DK-4400 Kalundborg

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