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Celebrating fireballs of the local community

Congratulations to Amfi Vestsjælland and Vestsjælland’s Wake & Surf Klub who were each granted the honor and a money prize.

For the 28th time, Kalundborg refinery grants the Condensate Award.


The culture association Amfi Vestsjælland and Vestsjælland’s Wake & Surf Club ranf with the honor and a prize of 40.000 DKK.


The Condensate Award goes to a person or an association who in particular has advanced cultural purposes for the benefit of the local community. The award also nicely expresses the close links between our community’s industry, educational environment, municipality, and the locals.


The award got its name in connection with the inauguration of the condensate refinery in 1996.


The award committee consisted of:
Mayor of Kalundborg Kommune, Martin Damm

Principal of Kalundborg Gymnasium, Trine Fogh Lauridsen

Editor at the newspaper, Nordvestnyt, Jakob Erhardt Pedersen



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